Check Out The Red Bull Snow Boundaries!

I just recently came across this video from our friends at Red Bull Snowmobile at their annual Red Bull Snow Boundaries and it is absolutely insane!  This is they type of race that one day we would love to host.  This is an eight mile race over all sorts of terrain including snow cross ramps and jumps, cross country stretches, and ice and sludge!  This would be an extremely difficult race, but every year it one of the most invigorating and exciting races!

If you ever get the chance to watch one of these races live, I definitely recommend.  We were lucky enough to be featured at the 2015 Snow Boundaries race and just watching these racers go at it is something amazing!

2016 Utah Ski Slam Review!

We just finished our annual Utah Ski Slam, and it was a roaring success!  Just to give you an idea of how the event went, we are gonna share some statistics for the races!

2015 Utah Ski Slam – 

  • 559 Paying Spectators.
  • 32 Competitors in 8 different heats.
  •  Run by a staff of four.
  • 250 Acre Track

2016 Utah Ski Slam – 

  • 882 Paying Spectators.
  • 128 Competitors in 16 different heats.
  • Run by a staff of 15!
  • We were finally able to utilize our whole 500 acre track this year!
  • This year truly took off!

As you can see we are very happy with our growth and we are glad we could provide a safe and competitive event for our spectators and our competitors.  We hope to continue to provide these types of events!

I would like to congratulate our champions:  Eddie Larget, Margot Bauer, Mark Trovoltzki, Ruth Artbark!  They competed extremely hard, and they made us all proud!  I am glad we were able to host such a competitive group and hopefully every group is going to provide such a competitive and exciting atmosphere!

snowmobile-racingFor anyone that hasn’t been to a snowmobile race yet, especially with us, you are missing out on one heck of an event!  Snowmobile can be related to MX and Dirt bike racing, but with a little more power, and of course the fresh powder of snow!  These powerful machines are capable of rising and pulling their riders at whirling speeds while cruising through rough terrains!

It is an event you have to experience at least once in your life.  There is something raw and powerful seeing these machines that are 1000CC beasts zooming in between trees and dodging tree stumps and other riders.  It is truly amazing to watch, and with our state of the art spectator stands it truly gives you are great vantage point on all the racers!